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The electric heater has a large heating area after being sheathed

Issuing time:2018-09-27 11:19

Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage: single phase 220V three phase 380V

Surface heating power: 4 type 5 type ≤1.8W/cm2 6 type 7 type ≤0.7W/cm2

Heat transfer temperature: ≤300°C

Working medium: mineral oil

Working pressure: ≤0.8Mpa

Heater mounting hole: ≥φ114mm

Note: According to the actual situation of the heating medium and the installation size of the equipment, the surface heating power should be ≤0.7W per square centimeter as much as possible. When wiring, the distribution control box to the electric heater should be connected with a suitable high temperature wire.


SRY6-4 type, 5 type, 6 type, 7 type, electric heater sheath tube diameter is 108mm, wall thickness is 4mm seamless steel tube, heating core adopts three electric heating tubes as one heating body, wiring device cover adopts The stainless steel protection can effectively protect the safety of the wiring device.

The electric heater has a large heating area and a fast heat transfer after being installed with a sheath, and can effectively prevent carbonization of the heated medium, because the electric heater and the box are flanged, and the heater is isolated from the heating medium during maintenance. It is convenient, just remove the heating core and replace it with a new one.

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