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Electrical Encyclopedia: Main technical parameters of SRY2 series tubular electric heater

Issuing time:2018-09-27 11:27

SRY2 series tubular electric Heater This electric heater is composed of bending shaped tubular elements welded on the flange, because the heater is directly heated in oil, high thermal efficiency and long service life.


Main technical parameters:

Rated voltage: single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V

Surface heating power ≤3w//cm2

Service temperature ≤300℃

Working medium mineral oil

Working pressure ≤ 0.8mpa

External dimension:



Sry2-6 Tubular electric heater Precautions:

In order to ensure the correct and reliable use of electric heaters, they must be installed and used by qualified personnel and carefully maintained. Electric heaters are likely to operate well only if they are used by qualified personnel familiar with the installation, start-up, use and maintenance of similar heaters. The operator must read this instruction carefully. Safety operating instructions include relevant safety specifications and effective electrical installation and operation in the attached data of the electric heater.

Sry2-6 tubular electric heaters are manufactured and tested in accordance with JBT2379-93. The electric heater is in good condition when leaving the factory. In order to protect and ensure the safe use of electric heaters, users must pay attention to the description in the operating instructions. Failure to follow instructions may result in personal injury or death, or damage to equipment and facilities connected to electric heaters. In any case, if the design in the instructions is incorrect, please contact the manufacturer at the address in the instructions below. The electric heater cannot be operated safely if there is obvious damage, failure or improper storage.

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